Rules & Regulations

We strongly recommend that you read the Rules & Regulations before you start selecting the Contests to participate.

  1. Entry forms duly filled with signature & seal (if you're representing your college) should be submitted with entry fee .
  2. Registration fees are non refundable for any reason including medical conditions.
  3. Participant should bring their College ID or bonafide Certificate.
  4. Last date for the submission of application is before 15th Sept'2019
  5. Incomplete entries will be rejected.
  6. Any registration or payment submitted after final entry deadline is subject to late fee of 10% of total registration fee.
  7. Entries to the competition hall are controlled by boarding pass.
  8. "Big Billion Shows Mega Lifestyle Expo " encourage all the College & Individuals to submit the registration form in advance, to make the registration process easier.
  9. All entries (Artwork, Photography & Videos) becomes the property of"Big Billion Shows Mega Lifestyle Expo ".
  10. Painting, drawing paper, colors & other related material will be provided by"Big Billion Shows Mega Lifestyle Expo " ".
  11. Participant must bring their own props require for the performance.
  12. Any instruments & Props carried by the participant should be taken care by themselves. Organiser is not responsible for any loss of belongings.
  13. Harassment and unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in disqualifaction.
  14. Food and Drinks are not permitted in performance zone
  15. Parents are not permitted in the back stage area during the competition unless you are registered as an Independent Entry.
  16. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  17. Competition Event Date:- AUDITION: 19th - 28th Sept'2019,, FINALE on 28th Sept & PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: 29th Sept'2019 @ DB JAIN College, OMR Chennai.
  18. All participant will receive participant Certificate + Gift Hampers / Gift Voucher.
  19. 1 Lucky Winners + Consolation Prizes Winners in each category.
  20. Winners Trophies & Certificate will be awarded on "Big Billion Shows Mega Lifestyle Expo " Finale Day in the presence of well known Artist & Dignitaries from various field.
  21. All category winners pics & artwork will be displayed @"Big Billion Shows Mega Lifestyle Expo " website All category winners pics & artwork will be displayed on
  22. Judgment panel's decision will be final & cannot be questionable at any circumstances.
  23. "Big Billion Shows Mega Lifestyle Expo ". Reserved all rights to postpone or cancel the event without any prior notice.
  24. In case of any issues or emergency, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Karthick- 9994582266,7680953202.

Note:- Student participating for the Competition are responsible for all expenses incurred relating to events & competition, e.g. transportation to the venue, meals, hair & make up, stage attire and Competition Registration.